About Us

"T.I.K.I. Fitness" has over 50,000 one-on-one personal training sessions completed over the last 5 years and the best guarantee in personal
training, you can be confident that my team and I will help you achieve your goals the fastest and safest way possible!

All of our personal training services are prescribed specifically to each person’s individual needs, which is why we have been so successful at making sure each person reaches their goals.

Although we are best known for our amazing fat loss & body transformation programs we also work with everyone from new moms,to doctors, to brides-to-be, to professional athletes and no matter how great your goals are we outline a plan to make them happen!

Sample of Client Benefits:

  •       Extraordinary Fat Loss

  •       Increase Energy

  •       Confident Clients

  •       Stronger, Healthier Bodies

  •       Lean & Defined Physiques

  •       Motivated minds and bodies