Apartment Fitness Amenities

What do residents want in a condo, apartment or a high value rental? They want a home that offers a unique upscale living experience with the convenience of high-quality amenities. As a property developer, a building manager, or a residential board member – your ability to support healthy community-oriented lifestyles can differentiate your residential building as the premier place to live.

Every day, you face the intensely competitive challenge of acquiring and retaining occupants.Quality of amenities play a huge role in the clientele attracted and the rent your community can fetch. Residents will look forward to coming home feeling healthy and thankful for easy access to fitness. Renters that pay premium on a luxury rental expect more than a crash pad.

TIKI Fitness and Wellness can help enhance your competitive edge with the development or management of state-of-the-art amenities – custom designed, fully equipped and seamlessly managed. Outstanding amenities can attract residents, improve their living experience, complement the aesthetics of your building, and increase property value.

TIKI Fitness and Wellness offers Residential fitness and wellness services at on site fitness centers at apartment communities, as well as in home services for those who want to take advantage of our massage therapy care plans. With people’s busy lives it can be very challenging for many people to find time for exercise at a gym near their work or home. By offering wellness programs to your residents, you create the opportunity for them to exercise within the comfort of their own home while creating a happier, healthier environment.

We believe that the strength of any community of people is the participation of those who are living within that community. We developed our residential fitness services for those individuals who aren’t as comfortable going to a big box gym, for the busy professional who has made it home who doesn’t have the time to commute to go do a fitness class or meet with a off site trainer. We bring the professionals to you for your convenience. The core of our services are to build healthy relationships, healthy friendships, and happy healthy community that continues to grow within their community at the complexes where we offer our services.

Residential Fitness and Wellness Benefits:
• Possible higher tenant retention rate because of available professional trainer/ wellness coach anytime on site when needed.

• Lunch and Learns
• One stop shop for all your health and wellness needs among the comfort of your own home for an example; fitness classes, personal trainers, dietitian, and massage therapist.
• Camaraderie and relationship of neighbors such as bringing strangers together in a positive way.

Let TIKI Fitness and Wellness help you develop a Healthy and Well community!


* Services Offered: On-Site Fitness Classes ( boot camp, yoga, pilates, cardio Kickboxing, etc.), Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Guidance, and Fitness Center Design Consultations.