Corporate Fitness Services


Are you, your company or organization really ready for the next decade?
Health Care is undergoing radical change.  The work force in the United States is slowly but surely aging.  The combination of Millennials combined with the needs of Baby Boomers can place a huge stress on company resources and insurance utilization.


Does your company have the tools and experience in place to promote healthy patterns while controlling insurance premiums?

Does your Wellness program show a real ROI? Does your wellness program acknowledge and track the VOI?  TIKI Fitness and Wellness can show you how many companies are now showing massive returns on investment from their Fitness and Wellness programs.

TIKI Fitness and Wellness implements the following programs and services in a variety of settings and formats to help you do just that.


  • Employee Engagement – TIKI Fitness will engage employees through a combination of multiple interest points that includes coaching, incentives, personal interaction and assessments.
  • Marketing Strategy- TIKI Fitness will deliver the correct messaging to engage the audience.  The marketing strategy utilizes many different platforms to become successful.  Understanding the current culture is critical to delivering success.
  • Customer Service- TIKI Fitness’s staff is incredibly responsive to the needs of their clients.  Many roadblocks form, but are easily resolved by our staff.
  • Staffing- Passionate, educated, and motivated employees that take ownership. TIKI Fitness will take the time necessary to find the best professionals in the field of expertise that meet the needs of your organization.

Corporate Services:

Fitness Center Management and Staffing

  • Staffing a corporate fitness center is an art within itself, but even more importantly it takes the right management team to put the correct staff in place that will take ownership of the fitness center.  The correct staff not only has the ability to change the entire culture of the fitness center but it ultimately will drive the relationship within employees.

Fitness Center Design, Layout, Implementation and Service

  • Understanding not only how the layout of the corporate fitness center will influence member behavior but also being able to forecast strategic growth is critically important to developing a successful fitness center.  TIKI Fitness’s team offer’s a site assessment to see what design and layout is correct to maximize usage. TIKI Fitness has experts in the field of designing and also relationships with equipment companies to provide the necessary equipment for the fitness center.

Fitness Classes

  • TIKI Fitness has an one stop shop for fitness classes that are delivered by elite level fitness instructors.  All fitness classes are tailored to the environment that they are conducted in.

Personal Training

  • Personal training is one of the major strengths of our company. TIKI Fitness personal trainers have the expertise, passion, and personality to build lasting professional relationships with our clients.  

Fitness Assessments

  • All assessments are completed by certified and insured fitness professionals.  These assessments include blood pressure, body fat, bmi, waist-to- hip ratio, resting heart rate, working heart rate, strength and flexibility testing.  Assessments are the best way for employees to gain a sense of accountability.  Assessments include individual reports as well as group aggregate reporting.

Nutrition / Nutrition Consultation

  • TIKI Fitness provides nutrition plans for small, medium, and large companies that are customized for any company to suit the needs of the employees.

Health Fairs

  • TIKI Fitness also participates in providing health fairs for many different events catered to the specific company and on a need basis for what the organization has going on. Our health fairs are informative and lead into larger projects and engagements once your staff meets our team of knowledgeable and personable health and fitness professionals.