Training Programs

“Feel Better! Look great! And be healthier!”


Everyone is different. This is why a personal trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration and creates a training environment that corresponds directly to your expectations. I am here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.

Not everyone likes to train alone. Sometimes, it is helpful to have a friend with you, so you can cheer each other on. Our training methods also offer you these types of training choices, so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

12 Week Weight Loss *Most Popular*

The classic training program. This program includes step by step support and accountability covering all aspects such as diet/ nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, emotional eating, monthly progress reports along with permanent weight loss and lifestyle management. This program is amongst the elite when it comes to weight loss. It’s also why we gurantee your results.

Elite Performance

Our team is driven by certified strength and conditioning coaches with the knowledge and know how to design professional-level sports conditioning or any type of programs to meet your unique goals.

Boxing Fitness

Are you looking to have the physique of a professional boxer or MMA fighter? If you are wanting a blue print training regimen and nutrition plan that allows you to obtain the physique of a boxer without taking the physical punishment. This is the program for you and you can do it T.I.K.I. Fitness.


Brides 2 Be

How does a 100% success rating sound to you! We are the go to when it comes to helping soon to be brides get in shape faster! Our bridal diet plans and workout programs will get you to where you need to be for the wedding and honeymoon. Guranteed! Hey Groom you will love the way she looks and feels.

Mothers 2 Be

We specialize in working with you to transition you from what you have been doing in your exercise program to what you should be doing for you and your new baby. You will recieve A+ exercise programs and healthy guidelines that will constantly adapt to your changing body. We’ll also be there for you after the baby comes!

Postural Alignment & Integrative Flexibility

We will review your overhead squat analysis and functional movement screen and then develop a program to add flexibility and strength in the areas needed to move your body back into balance.

If you didn’t see the exact program you were looking for? interested in customizing your own? Just give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you about the details of what you are looking to accomplish, and then design the perfect program for you!


***All programs are available as private, semi private, or group sessions***